The relationship between the US and China

What is the relationship between China and the US?

   Well, to answer that question, one has to go to the very fibers of their relationship. China and the US signed a treaty in 1954 with 10 articles to help keep peace between these two countries. This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Now, of course this friendship has had its up and downs. For example, China has not always agreed with US ideas and customs. But, all in all, it has been a beneficial relationship. 
   The US does not view China as an enemy. Nor does it view it as an ally. The US and China are on relatively peaceful terms. Not exactly friends, but not enemies either. For example, the US supported China in the war against Japan, funneling supplies to their troups. However, the US and China troups did fight each other once in history. They fought to counter American involvement in the Korean War. The US has also helped China. When Chairman Mao started the People's Republic of China(PRC), the US fought against him, supporting the nationalist party called the Republic of China (ROC). In 1969, China again sought US help against the Soviets in the Cold War.
   In trade, the US and China work together economically. China is a major manufacturor of goods for the US. Almost everything the US has comes from China. If you look on a tag for clothes, it will most likely say: Made in China. Since the US buys so much from China, it benefits both countries economy. Not all the time, though. See below to find out why it isn't so benefitting for the US.

Made in China

Ever wondered where your clothing come from? Well, it was probably made in China. Although the US is the leading manufacturer, China is catching up. Not many things in the US are actually made by the US. China sells the US many things. So many,in fact, that the US owes China nearly 750 billion dollars! Shocking, I know. If we owe China that much, why do we keep ordering? Because we need it. The US cannot just generate what China is selling it. So, they keep buying. And buying. And buying some more. China is a major manufactorer for the US, and they can't stop it. Addicted to China. Sigh.